Monday, September 22, 2014

Back in Sweden!

After two wonderful months visiting family in Florida and getting married (!) we are back in Umeå. We are all moved into our new apartment and slowly trying to make it look more homey. Our bike ride to school is only twenty minutes now (compared to 45 before) so we are loving the new location! School has begun for us both and I have just been doing some lab work for my thesis and Alex is writing a big paper. Today the temperatures changed dramatically, all of the sudden the highs are in the forties instead of the sixties! :O I'm not ready. But it is really beautiful out with all the leaves changing color again, it's just hard to get excited about it when you know winter is coming afterwards. I've been going to swedish class a couple times a week as well and it seems to be going ok! Sometimes I think I'm really understanding the language and then the next day I won't understand a thing so it's a frustrating process but hopefully it will pay off! Here are some pictures from our time here the past month! And a few from the wedding as well!

We seem to have a seventies theme going on, we were given the comfy armchair by our old neighbor and we bought the couch for about 30 dollars. It's really comfy and we love its quirkyness.

Alex's birthday was last week so I made him a kladdkaka cake and it was so yummy. It's like a giant brownie.

I made my first loaf of bread! But it tasted pretty bad. I realized too late that one packet of yeast in the US and Sweden is not the same this tasted wayyyy too yeasty. But sweet Alex still ate it.

The trees starting to change on our bike ride home last week. They are even more yellow and brown now.

The really great view from our laundry room. It's hard to see in this pictures but there are some pretty mountains in the distance.

We saw the northern lights again finally! The moon was super bright but you could still see the northern lights moving across the sky, it was pretty awesome.

Our perfect wedding day in Florida!

I will try to take more pictures and start posting them here more often again! :)