Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lingonberry Jam Recipe

Well unfortunately lingonberry recipes mostly call for lingonberry jam instead of just the berries, so we decided to make lingonberry jam! It was so easy and it tastes so good. The recipe we used just needed a kilogram of berries boiled for 5-10 minutes with 2 dl (deciliters) of water and then adding 5 dl of sugar and boiling that for a few minutes. Then letting it cool for about 15 minutes before putting in jars.*
The beginning! Fresh lingonberries.

Added the water, looks questionable.

Added sugar! Much better.

Finished product!!

Don't forget to sanitize the jars! Apparently this is an important step that I was not aware of, but it's very easy to just heat them in the oven for about twenty minutes at 130 degrees Celsius.

Lingonberries are very bitter which explains the high amount of sugar. Also notice all the measuring units are in the metric system, I feel so European! It makes converting recipes from the U.S. quite a pain though since all my measuring cups are in metric sizes. 

The movie in the park last night started with clips from films made in Umeå. It was nice because thankfully they had English subtitles. They were promoting a film festival coming up October 8-13! We were a little late since we biked there and had to stop for candy (of course) but found a nice spot to lay out our blanket.
Our lovely view.

When the French movie started with Swedish subtitles...we left after about ten minutes. I'm sure it was a good film, but I had no idea what was going on and it was getting chilly and we still had to bike home. But we had a great time regardless. So we went home to finish our candy and watch the movie The Birds. Sweden has the best candy, I wish I could post a picture of it to show but it was gone too quickly. Maybe next Saturday. Today is just laundry/cleaning/wedding planning day. My international student orientation starts this Tuesday until Friday and then classes start the next Monday, so I will update on how all that goes later.

*Our lingonberry jam recipe is from another blog and is probably the one we will always use because it turned out perfectly. Lingonberry Jam recipe (in Swedish)

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