Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Big Changes

I am writing this post now from Florida! I have accepted a job recently offered to me in the Tampa area in the groundwater remediation field which I really enjoy so it is very exciting and has moved very very fast as I will start the position in less than a week. But it is also a sad time because while the job offers from the U.S. came quickly and as a surprise, Alex and I also found out last minute that the immigration processing time for him to join me in the U.S. will be a year, on average. We had read about it before, but it said online it was only 5 months and since I didn't expect to get any job offers in the U.S., we decided not to pay the large fee to apply and to stay in Sweden instead. But it turns out it takes 5-6 months for the first form, and then another large fee and 5-6 months for the second processing step before Alex is allowed to move over, which we had to research for a long time online before we read this. He is also technically allowed to visit, but they have the right to deny him entry to the U.S. since his visa is still being processed. We made the extremely difficult decision for me to accept the job, and to move to the U.S. while Alex remains in Sweden until the visa is approved. After already experiencing long distance for 2+ years and then living happily together for two years and being married, this is not something either of us ever thought we would have to do again. I want to be excited about the job, but I also have a lot of sadness and anger toward the immigration system for how they can keep families separated for so long. I know there are a lot of other couples and families out there just like us, but I wish this was a club I never had to be a part of.

But we are trying to be positive and both making the most out of our days while we wait to be together again. I know we are lucky in so many ways, and I am trying to remember that and focus on the good. I know a lot of great memories and adventures await us in the future.

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