Friday, September 27, 2013

Snowing in September

Well as you can probably tell from the title, it SNOWED yesterday. It snowed a lot for about three hours, but it melted when it hit the ground. I was biking to my class in the field when it started, and it took me a while to figure out what was happening. I was thinking hmm this rain is harder and colder than normal, but I still didn't want to get too excited. As a girl from Florida I was more convinced it was hail than snow. So I asked a classmate to confirm that it was indeed snowing haha. And then it started snowing even harder so that there was no denying it! I tried to take a picture but you can't really see anything. Today it rained though sadly, no snow. Cold rain is no fun, especially on a bike!

A pretty gross picture but this is me soaked from the bike ride home today! But I didn't mind it because its Friday!!

This is a popular brand of chocolate bar here and it is sooo good! One of the late night walks to the store nearby when we we (ok me) were craving chocolate!

This week has been busy with school and mostly just trying to stay warm! The weather drastically changed this past week from warm enough to only need a light jacket to me needing to wear my Florida winter jacket everyday now. So everything colder than it is now will definitely be a new experience for me!

Biking to school everyday in the cold and being busy with school work can make it easy to forget about all the wonderful things here but I actually really do enjoy my bike rides. They are relaxing and biking so much allows me to eat more candy and chocolate than I could normally, which I think makes biking very worth it! :)

My sweet fiancé even though he has been sick all week and had two tests and a presentation woke up early one day this week to make me breakfast before we left. He made me bacon even though he's a vegetarian, it was very sweet and made my day.

Tonight I'm trying to think of a dessert recipe to make, but all the U.S. recipes I find use vanilla extract and Sweden uses vanilla sugar. I usually just use it the same as vanilla extract and hope it comes out the same! 

My week alone last week went ok by the way! I went to the grocery store almost everyday and enjoyed some relaxing time alone, but I'm glad it's over! :) To treat myself at the end of the week I bought and cooked some reindeer meat! It is popular in Sweden and it was really different but really good.  I felt very Swedish buying reindeer at the grocery store. The fiancé told me Santa won't bring me any presents anymore though haha, oh well! I'm sorry Rudolf! 
Yummy yum yum.

I'll try to post more often now! It's just been too cold and rainy to take out my phone and take pictures!


  1. I cant believe you did that!

  2. YOU ATE VIXEN?! /Dixen