Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow snow go away


Well it's the beginning of March now and I'm ready for spring. The snow really isn't so bad or the cold. 30 degrees Fahrenheit now feels normal to me. But it's grey and cloudy everyday and I miss blue skies and sun and the color green! :) and I actually really miss biking! Mostly because I need to start working off all these candy and semla calories I've been eating so that I can fit in my wedding dress haha. Semla day was yesterday (well Fat Tuesday), but in Sweden they eat these desserts called semla between Christmas and Easter, and they are amazing!!! 
Above are some store bought semla and semla we made on our own, I bet you can't tell the difference can you? ;) They are cardamom buns filled with vanilla whipped cream and almond filling stuff. Now you can understand why I need to start biking. 

School has been ok, I passed both my exams! And these tests I took were really hard and not my cup of tea having to spend two days working on a computer program, but I did it and its over! Now we just have a project left with a group.

Alex's parents both came and visited and it was great having visitors the past month and to get to show off our city that we love so much.

A picture of me standing on top of a snow shovel pile! They are pretty fun to climb. 

Well, that was just a little post that I'm writing from the bus on my way home from Swedish class. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Hey Lex, I love reading your blog and I want that dessert!!!! You guys are so cute:)
    Mrs. Persky