Thursday, October 10, 2013

Life update!

Hello! It's been a little while since I've written so I thought I would quickly update on how things are here in Sweden! The weather is gorgeous right now, this week is especially warm and the leaves are all different colors and its lovely. 

This was walking around town before my Swedish class started Tuesday night. Now I can officially introduce myself in Swedish and know a couple words but learning a language is definitely not my strength so hopefully it keeps going ok. But my teacher and class are really great.

There are POMEGRANATES on sale in Sweden right now. They are about half the size of the ones in the U.S. but they taste wonderful and are my favorite food so this week has been great!

A view from our balcony earlier in the summer and then now. Everything is getting yellower and it's wonderful! 

Ingredients from taco night this week! I would always look for cilantro at the store and couldn't find it, but apparently coriander and cilantro are almost the same thing so we used that and it was perfect!

It's almost the weekend! This weekend we might try to go to the movies and maybe stay out and look for the northern lights. Some people in my class have seen them recently so that's exciting. We also have an apartment building group cleanup day this Saturday when we all just clean up around the building and then have fika and a barbeque. Fika is very popular in Sweden and means to have a coffee break and have a snack with people. Even when we go in the field I've learned I have to bring coffee because we always stop for a Fika break!

Well I better get ready to bike to school! Hopefully everyone has a nice weekend :)


  1. Hi Alexis it's Mrs. Persky. I love reading your blog and hearing about your life in Sweden. You sound so happy:) I am keeping my fingers crossed you see the northern lights and you get pictures!!!

  2. It's so cool to read about Sweden, glad you're having such a great time! :)
    --Chelsie B.