Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello again!

It's been a while seen I've written. My first class in Sweden just ended last week so I have been busy finishing and revising lots of papers as well as starting a new class so it has been a little stressful. But now my first class is officially over! Woohoo! And it really was a great class and I learned so much, even if it was pretty time consuming and challenging at times. Also my parents visited from Florida about a week ago and we had a wonderful time showing them around the city and spending time with them. I wish they could have stayed longer! We got to plan a little bit of the wedding stuff while they were here too which was nice. We're getting very excited for the summer! The time changed about two weeks ago so it has been getting dark very early which isn't really my cup of tea. But we have lots of candles and lights to prepare for the dark winter. I think when the snow comes it will make it better, but the snow here comes one day and then melts by the next day. But I'm looking forward to experiencing my first real winter. Right now it stays at about 0 degrees celsius (yeah I'm using celsius, woohoo!) and it has actually started feeling warm (well, not warm, but not super cold) to me which is great! Here are a few pictures since the last time I've written!

This is from our walk home from the bus stop today (yes, we take the bus sometimes now, it's just so convenient! but we still bike to school, just enjoy taking the weekends off :) ) Notice the sunset, at 3 pm.

This is a picture from when I was in the field last Thursday. We went up about an hour north of Umea and there was lots of snow! It was beautiful! But cold...

A picture from the airport before my parents left for Stockholm

My parents left us their really cool rain gear. We love them! haha.

We saw the Northern Lights from our balcony while my parents were here! When we saw them it was after midnight but I called and woke them up to come see them! They were amazinggggg. 

At a cute pub called Lotta's Krog in town. We went here with my parents before I went to my night Swedish class. Nothing helps you learn Swedish like a pint of English cider. Yummy.

Well that's it for now! 

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