Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Swedish icecream and an updated update!

If anyone knows me they know I am obsessed with mint chip icecream. But in Sweden mint chip is about the only flavor I have never been able to find. 

Pepparkaka (gingerbread) is one of the best I've found so far.

Salty licorice...yum? I've grown to accept the candy licorice now but I draw the line at icecream.

Orange chocolate...hmm not too weird but this is really more common then mint chip? 

And one of the weirdest I've seen is peach jalapeño. Mint chip is apparently too odd but peach jalapeño? Perfectly normal. I teased Alex about buying this but then ended up eating half of it while he was at I can't judge it too much I guess. 

So if any ice cream flavor designers in Sweden are reading chocolate chip is amazing and I recommend you to try it.

The blog I posted earlier today was actually from last week but for some reason it didn't post! So I thought I would update my update.

This is an actual picture from my bike ride home today. A bit foggy and frosty but no snow! It's forecasted to snow this weekend though. Woohoo!

Thanksgiving is next week! We plan on making pumpkin pie (I brought a can of it home with me from Florida this year, I learned my lesson!), sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, salad, corn, and maybe some kind of Swedish meat like meatballs or elk or reindeer instead of turkey. I bought slices of turkey last year to avoid cooking a whole turkey for just myself (as Alex is a vegetarian) but they just didn't cut it. So we will see what we end up doing. And of course we will watch the Macys day parade during dinner! A weird tradition for me to not watch it while sleeping on the couch after running the Turkey Trot but it was a fun tradition from last year. I'll try and post a Thanksgiving post later on. And the weekend after Thanksgiving we are taking a free bus ride to the town an hour north of us (Skellefteå) to go to the Christmas market and get away for a couple days. So I will try and take lots of pictures! :)

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