Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating



These are some pictures from our Thanksgiving! We made sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, salad, green bean casserole, vege gravy, reindeer instead of turkey, and garlic bread. And we also watched the Thanksgiving Day parade while we ate and skyped my family back in Florida. We both had school earlier in the day but the afternoon was very relaxing and fun. It was a great Thanksgiving!

The day after Thanksgiving we put away the fall decorations and started decorating for Chistmas! It makes the apartment much cheerier especially since the we are in the darkest month of the year here. The sun sets before 2 pm now and doesn't rise until 9 am. And it looks like dusk during the "daylight" hours. But these Christmas decorations make all that easier to deal with :). Our sweet neighbor from our last apartment gave us the tree and lights and the rest we picked up from thrift stores. We even found a stocking with a B on it! It is very traditional in Sweden to have lights in your windows at Christmas time, maybe to pretend it is sunlight? It hasn't fooled me yet but it looks nice :). 

We also visited a town a couple hours north of us called Skellefteå last weekend because they were offering free bus rides. They had a cute Christmas market complete with dancing around a giant Christmas tree and lots of Santas. 

We had a lot of fun exploring a new city.  Umeå has their Christmas market this weekend. We missed it last year so we are definitely not going to miss it this year! :)


  1. Your 2.6 degrees further north makes a big diff in daylight. Our sunrise/set in Anchorage is currently 10 am - 15:45 pm whereas yours is 9:10 - 13:52. Just think....less than 2 weeks and the days start getting longer already! Almost there!
    And my last post didn't go through......You two do such a great job of making your apt look cute and homey, and of taking advantage of life in the north. Have you been xc skiing yet? Jen

    1. No skiing of any kind yet! No snow at the moment, although I have seen people cross country skiing on fake snow which seems a bit funny to me in Sweden! I think it starts really snowing tomorrow, I'm really hoping to get to xc ski this year. And wow that is funny how big of a difference us being a bit more north can make. You all probably have had snow for awhile though? We're having a bit of a warm winter at the moment but I'm still hoping for a white Christmas this year!