Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Catching up

Well it has been forever since I have posted so I thought I would try and do a bit of catch up. We have celebrated Christmas, New Years, started new classes, my birthday, and had visitors! Right now it isn't actually very cold in Umeå. Maybe in the 30s (farenheit) but we still have some snow and lots of ice! Our monthly bus cards run out in a week so if the weather says this mild we won't really have an excuse not to start biking again haha. We will see! I thought since it has been so long I would just post a bunch of pictures (probably out of order) just so you can see what life has been like up here the past couple months. 

A beautiful afternoon in town one day.

Exploring town together! I was a bit sick (hence the red nose), but I just couldn't stay inside when the day was so nice!

Beautiful town! (And a random woman and a truck)

We found this cute little pathway by our apartment. It's mostly melted by now though..

Pretty winter sunset out the window. It would have been a lot prettier if it wasn't happening at 2pm...

Little New Years collage! There were fireworks and lanterns everywhere and we enjoyed a great night with horrible champagne and a delicious cake!

Christmas! See? A bit out of order but we made Swedish and English Christmas food. I'm not sure what American Christmas food is? But I'm sure we had that too. We ate A LOT.

For my birthday we made mint chip icecream and it was perfect!

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