Thursday, September 12, 2013

Four ways I'm becoming Swedish

Living in Sweden means adapting some of the Swedish ways of life. So I thought I would share a few things that I have started doing consciously and unconsciously.

1. In Sweden you address professors by their first name, even in an email. And yes I found this out the hard way. And I was quickly corrected. Luckily my teacher used to live in the U.S. so he understood. Apparently in Sweden he explained you rarely (if ever) use Dr. as someones title. Even medical doctors you call by their first name. He said doctor is a job, not a title. And professor is a job, not a title. Everything is much more casual which I really love. Work isn't who you are, it's just what you do. Lovely.

2. I have a new found love of cooking shows. Now this may not be true and may just be a false stereotype, but I remember reading someones blog about living in Sweden before I moved here and they mentioned that people in Sweden love cooking shows and that they are always on tv. Well I forgot about that until today I heard myself talking to the tv, criticizing one of the contestants cooking ability. Hmm. Maybe there is something in the water here. Watching the cooking shows has even gotten me to love cooking, and I've been experimenting with recipes.

A picture from my zucchini bread making phase. 

Baking sugar cookies! These ones actually weren't my best. But if you need a great oatmeal cookie recipe without butter let me know because those are my favorite!

3. I LOVE candy. There is something special about candy in Sweden. They have a big selection in all the grocery and little stores and it is amazing. I was never really a big candy person back in the U.S. Mainly ice cream was my sweetness weakness. (Icecream is still a favorite, I don't think I could ever give that one up).

 This picture doesn't do Swedish candy justice, but you can see the variety. I obviously prefer the sour fruity ones but also threw some chocolate and other random pieces in. These creepy looking black and red skulls are actually one of my favorite.
4. Kind of related to number 3 but also totally different. I love licorice. LICORICE! I remember when I first got to Sweden I wouldn't even buy a bag of candy if it had licorice in it because I didn't want to eat the contaminated candy. But now I purposely pick licorice to fill up my candy bag on Saturdays. It is salty and sweet and amazing. Licorice is very popular in Sweden, and now I know why. They know how to do it right. Or, as I said, there is something in the water.

So three of my four Swedish things are food related. Hmm. It's probably good I bike to school an hour each way...

Pretty sunset from earlier in the summer. Its starting to get dark earlier each day. Oh no.

Its Thursday here and my sweetie has a friend over and were watching a hockey game. Go Umea! I'm really enjoying my life here in Sweden. Some days are harder than others and I still miss family and friends everyday. But each day here I feel more like it is becoming my home. And I honestly couldn't be any happier than I am right now. School is good, and life is good. Ok, I'll stop the corniness.

Two posts in a row, wow. Hope I can keep it up!


  1. who won the hockey game?

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