Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rain rain go away

Er, Tuesdays. Everyone complains about Mondays but on Mondays you still have some leftover weekend feeling. Tuesdays are just the worst. Especially rainy, cold, and dreary Tuesdays. Today was my first day biking to school in the rain! It actually wasn't too bad, it definitely made me bike a lot faster!

Put a plastic bag over my backpack and I'm ready to go! Extra fact: In Sweden if you want to put your grocery in plastic bags, you have to buy them when you buy your groceries! And you bag everything yourself. When I grocery shopped today I just put my food in my backpack.

Even though it was a grey and cold day on campus, these pretty trees brightened everything up a little bit. I think they are called mountain ash? But it feels like just yesterday these trees were green.

My pants when I got back from fieldwork yesterday! Unfortunately these are my only rain pants so I had to wear them again all dirty today (too much information maybe?). I signed up for a laundry time today don't worry. (In Sweden you have to sign up on a list to reserve a time to use the laundry room, at first I was a little unsure about this idea but now I like it. I always know that no one will be using the washer and dryer when I go to do laundry.)

The pretty view while doing fieldwork, in a farming area near town.

Last night was my first night alone in Sweden without the fiance. He is away on a school trip all week so it is quite a change. I usually get home before him so I'm used to being on my own a bit and biking on my own and finding my own way now. But I really miss him just to look over at while I'm reading and see him smile at me. I don't really mind being alone too much, sometimes it's really nice. But he just brightens my days, and I really need it on a dark and rainy day like today. But on the plus side, I made zucchini bread! Or at least I thought I did. It turns out I'm not too great at identifying cucumbers versus zucchini, and I made cucumber bread. It tastes almost the same, except slightly more pickle like...

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  1. Too funny Alexis about the 'pickly' zucchini bread!