Sunday, September 15, 2013

Relaxing Weekends

Another weekend is almost over here! This weekend was very relaxing and nice. Fall is officially here! It's cold and the leaves have started to fall. Right now I'm really enjoying it though. I'm not even worried about the snow coming, I'm looking forward to it! But I wouldn't mind if it waited a while... :)

My sweetie on a bike ride today across the river. It was a little rainy today.

 The pretty view from our bike ride. I didn't notice the graffiti until now, but apparently it says poo...haha. So I learned a new Swedish word!

 We also tried to make bread this weekend, this was our attempt at baguettes. We looked up a recipe using Swedish ingredients, and it was so much simpler than all the english recipes I found. And it was another opportunity to improve my vocabulary! These were soooo yummy. Maybe not the prettiest things in the world, but a good first try! Also, yeast is really cheap here. I never used it in the U.S. really so I can't compare, but it was a nice surprise. Baguette recipe

Dessert in bed while doing homework! I'm a lucky girl. (I didn't actually eat all this at once...or did I...).

 The cake was leftover from the fiance's birthday that I made! It was pretty good, especially the next day! It was also my first time grocery shopping alone for the ingredients and some birthday goodies and candles. Grocery shopping is definitely something I took for granted in the U.S. Knowing where everything was and knowing my card would work and knowing the checkout person spoke english. Oh Publix how I miss you. U.S. credit cards work here, but they require a few extra steps and showing your id, and my Florida ID seems to always confuse people. But I've learned how to help them make it easier and my fear of grocery shopping is officially over! 

The bulle (similar but also very different to cinnamon rolls in the U.S.) our neighbor brought over for us which was very sweet. On my way home from school the other day on my bike I passed two of our neighbors who waved and said hej and it just made me happy that I actually know people! It's the small things.

Just a short post today but wanted to do an update! Tomorrow I go back out into the field with my class (my tiny class of 6 people). Then we have a big paper due a week later so I will be busy working on that. Thank you to anyone who actually reads my blog, it means a lot and I enjoy writing it! :)

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